Fortiz Music Transcriptions is a music/tab book publishing company

founded by Angel V. Fortiz & Isaac Velez in 2012.

Both having played in a band together in 2007, they decided to merge their musical talent and knowledge

to form Fortiz Music Transcriptions.


We publish music/tab books and eBooks and offer personal transcription services as well.

As of 2018 we have transcribed a over 1,000 songs for guitar, bass, drums and/or piano.

Our focus is to get out of the mainstream and transcribe music that can´t be found elsewhere.

Although the majority of our work is metal related we also explore other genres.


Please contact us for additional information.






Angel V. Fortiz
Angel V. Fortiz
Isaac Velez
Isaac Velez

Music transcription service


Want guitar/bass tabs? Tabs you can´t find on the web? Try our Music Transcription Service. You can finally get that guitar or bass tab at an accessible price.

We transcribe any song by any band/artist. Contact us for a free quote...


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